A Stepping Stone Management Tool

Last Version:Free 1.8.4
Support System:Linux/MacOS/Windows
Support CPU: x86/x64/arm/mips[el]/SH4/PowerPC/Sparc/M68k
Last Update:2018-09-26

Update: It is unfortunate to learn that my tool has been abused by attackers. I have to stop updating the tools and shutdown the download as a precaution to prevent further possible misuse from happening. Also there are existing yara rules can be used to detect the tools. Please visit here ht tps://github.com/rootkiter/Binary-files for more details.

Multiple Support

Implementations for different mainstream CPU/operating systems are provided. More will be included in the future.

Convenient Stepping Stone Access

Stepping stone agents are connected and organized as a tree structure, with which user can conveniently access any nodes in the tree at any time.


Each agent can be either a server, a client or both through TCP interconnection.

Tiny and No Dependency

All implementations only use operating system built-in libraries and are in static compilation. The sizes of the programs are all as small as only around 200KB.

Built-in Management Shell

Administrator can manage agent nodes easily through built-in shell, including but not limited to file transfer/console command execution/socks proxy service/port forwarding, etc.

Regular Maintenance

More functionalities are under development. Bug report is welcome. The author will actively update the tool and grow up with it.